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All good things 8 years ago
Pictures of the solar eclipse 9 years ago
Failure at the JLPT 9 years ago
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Hey, welcome to j0hn.jp, where I'll be documenting my life in Japan over the next few months. This site is here mainly to stay in touch with friends and family back home, but feel free to take a look around if you're interested. If you'd like to contact me please login for my e-mail address.
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All good things
12 April - 8 years ago
This chapter of my life is over, at least for now. Also, I'm never writing my own blogging platform again (seemed like a cool idea in 2006). I still blog occasionally at john.taipei. Thanks for reading!
Pictures of the solar eclipse
23 July - 9 years ago
Unfortunately there was nothing to really take pictures of. In Tokyo it was supposed to be a 70% eclipse, but it was so cloudy/foggy/rainy/dark in the first place yesterday morning that the eclipse didn't really make a difference. I was looking out for it and although I knew the exact time it was supposed to happen I didn't notice it get darker at all...

Better luck next millennium, huh (;^_^A
Failure at the JLPT
20 July - 9 years ago
aka 日本語能力試験大失敗

Two weeks ago, most people from my class and me went to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 2.

Requiring the knowledge of most general use grammar as well as 1000 Kanji, just like the ones in the title, and comprising listening, reading, kanji, grammar and vocabulary sections, the JLPT is one of the most widely recognised qualifications for the Japanese Language.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I failed this time. Everyone I have spoken to about it said it was difficult compared to the past tests but, the pass mark stays the same regardless of how many people pass/fail so that doesn't fill me with much hope. Still, I'm thinking of skipping level 2 and going straight for level 1 in the winter. See how badly I can fail that one too, lol

Us on the train on the way home. We may look happy, but it has a more to do with tequila than our feelings about the test...
(image redacted to avoid awkwardness - 2018)
Comments fixed
20 July - 9 years ago
Today I looked at the site for the first time ever in Internet Explorer.

I didn't get around to fixing the broken IE layout, but comments should now work from IE, and any other browser.
20 July - 9 years ago
Healthy Pizza! (apparently)
4 July - 9 years ago
Just recieved this e-mail from Pizza Hut Japan

Mapley John 様 こんにちは!

チーズママ「もちろんピザに決まってるでしょ! チーズも



Hi John Mapley!
It's Pizza Hut's mascot, Cheese Jr. hereô
It's gradually getting warmer, which means Summer's finally come, huh.
If you want a fun summer of playing by the sea or by the mountains, you're going to need to be in good health and good stamina™
So Mama, what should you eat at a time like this?

Cheese Mama: "Why, pizza of course! Actually Pizza Hut pizza, with its plentiful toppings of cheese and vegetables, is a very nutritious/balanced meal, you know. In Summer you need to eat more pizza."

Ah, I see! Not to mention right now at Pizza Hut you can win that popular new game, "My Summer Vacation 4"! Let's all have a fun Summer with Pizza Hut this year tooô

Isn't there some kind of law against this?
Coca-Cola - now with Green Tea!!
4 July - 9 years ago
Due to popular demand Coca-Cola Japan recently came out with this:


Coca-Cola No Calorie Plus catechin - Green Tea Flavor...catchy name!

While it smells a little of Green Tea, it tastes of Diet Coke. As for the catechin, I'm not sure what that's supposed to do for me, but I'm not feeling the effects yet.

They were on sale at 7-Eleven for 100‰~. Which is guess means it's already discontinued?!
I lied about the popular demand
j0hn around Tokyo
4 July - 9 years ago
Seems like I'm practically a household name these days...


Back (for sure)
4 July - 9 years ago
Just finished fixing the site and adding a new feature. Hopefully you got a mail about it but, you can now get mail notifications of new posts on the site. To edit your settings make sure you're logged in and click your username at the top of any page (or click here).

I also reverted back to the old j0hn.jp domain name, since the katakana version (ƒWƒ‡ƒ“Djpj was causing some people problems.

Fixing the site turned out to be a lot quicker than I thought - made me wish I did it sooner!

Looking forward to getting blogging again...
Back (or is it?)
4 July - 9 years ago
Looking back, I know I haven't exactly kept all the promises made in the last few posts.

But I've made the decision to keep this blog as updates as possible for my last 8 weeks in Japan.

So today I'm fixing all the broken code.
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