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Thank you back...
I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who gave me the support I needed to stay for this extra time in Japan. It really means a lot to me! This new site, and the following video, is dedicated to those people.

It's not the greatest, I didn't have too much time to put it together and the pacing is a little slow. Not to mention the awful spelling error at the end (but I'm betting only one Japanese reader, if any, will ever watch it ^_^). But here is the video of my trip to Kyoto:

Click here to watch video >>
You may need to give it a few secs to buffer, if it's too jumpy then pause it for a while.

Also remember my last post had just a few photos from my trip.. The rest are in my Flickr feed and in the video.

Thanks again everyone!

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Very nice video ‚¨‚Æ‚¤‚Æ‚¿‚á‚ñ!! You shouldn't thank me I didn't do anything! Thank YOU for bearing with my weird English and my questions :p see u soon!!!
by Marion

John, looking forward to the downloadable version of the video so we can watch it on the TV. Also, like the music. What's it called and is there anywhere we can download it?
by pete (Peter Mapley)

WOW! What can I say - and I love the soundtrack. xx
by Mare

Really like the new Website and the video
by pete (Peter Mapley)

I'll get a downloadable version out soon.
by John