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Haircut back...
Oh, by the way, I got a haircut. I guess I forgot to mention it here, even though you probably noticed from the photos.

I was walking in Asagaya, near my old apartment, when a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to be a hair model. Hearing the word "model", just like in Shibuya, made me immediately start my escape routine - pretending I don't speak any Japanese (not that far from the truth) and keeping walking. But then I realised this was different, so I stopped to listen.

This guy is an apprentice hair stylist. They don't let him cut hair yet - not for a long time apparently, but he needs to practice his semi-permanent hair straightening, and he was looking for people to practice on. With my "yes" policy I couldn't really refuse.

So I turned up two days later at the hair place to see what would happen. I turned up at about 8:30pm, and the straightening and cut (which the supervising guy did for free afterwards) took 4.5 hours. So yes, until 1am. It was no problem though, it's surprising how fun it can be spending time with people who speak hardly any English when I also speak very little Japanese. It turned out like this:


Okay, so not a great photo, but you get the idea. It's now very straight. Like, when it gets really wet it hangs down in such straight clumps that there's stripes of apparent baldness inbetween. This was kind of scary for me the first time I saw it, after having all those chemicals and stuff put in my hair, but I'm not losing hair as far as I can tell.

My opinion on the straightening is that it was fun to try, especially for free, but I'm not sure I prefer it to my usual wavy hair, and I don't know if I could bare to spend over 4 hours in a hairdresser's every 2 months. It was a fun time though ^_^

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