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Dreamcast back...
Yep, that's a dreamcast (Sega's last games console from 1998/9) you see in my apartment. I'm a geek, remember?

The games are so cheap here I almost couldn't afford not to though. Anywhere from 100円 to 4000円 for the rarest, the average game is about 500円 (less than £2.50).

I got Power Stone (again), Blue Stinger (again), Biohazard (Resident Evil) Code Veronica, Space Channel 5, 東京バスシム (Tokyo bus sim), and Shenmue 1 for like half the price of one new game in the UK.

hmmm, 僕はほんとうにおたくになりましたね。−_−

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Shenmue, that brings back memories. I wonder if you'll remember how to get past the hard bits.
by Mum