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So I'm not sure what timezone this server it operating in (still the 30th?), but today, the 31st, is my birthday. I was surprised in a really nice way to receive actual physical birthday cards from so far away, and I also received some really nice e-cards so thank you everyone!

For the first time in my life I'm going to school on my Birthday. But at least I get to see my friends, and afterwards we're going to an Izakaya somewhere in Shibuya. Yesterday was the birthday of another classmate, Park-san, so we're having a kind of joint party. There will be photos!

Tomorrow I'll post about my trip to the mountains, which was awesome by the way.

Thanks again!

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Happy birthday, Good to see the card we sent to you arrived in time. Love Robin and Gpa John
by gpajohn

Happy Birthday
by pete (Peter Mapley)