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A little creepy back...
So after my haircut my modeling offers ran pretty much dry for a little while. Then I got an e-mail from a guy who came up to me like maybe a month ago, asking me to do a job. The same day a different guy who I'd never seen came up to me in Shibuya. I'd never seen him before. But he knew my name, and asked me if I regularly went to yoyogi park on my own to read a book. I did do that once, a couple of weeks ago, and I guess he saw me. He asked me to do the same job. They seem to be pretty efficient.

Then, this morning, from an e-mail address that started "fromlondon_j"...

Hello John.

I am fashion stylist's assistant.

Do you remember?

How long stay in Japan

I'm looked John in Sibuya.

It is good-looking and I want to make it to the candidate of the model.

Wow, I feel quite literally objectified.

"It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose ag'in"

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Probably gay
by gpajohn

Well - you just shouldn't be so damned good looking should you!
by Mare

Looks like they're after you again. Are you going to give it a go before you leave?
by pete (Peter Mapley)