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the end. back...
Tomorrow I pack my bags. The next day at 9am I board a plane and return to England.

It's 1.30am now so I can't write a long post - that comes later - but I can say a few things.

I thought I was coming to Japan to have a laugh for 3 months. It turned into 5 months of not just fun, but the discovery of an amazing place, and friends I now can't imagine my life without knowing.

Japan has changed my life forever, and although it definitely hasn't made it any simpler, it has made it more interesting. I've never felt more alive than the past 5 months.

Soon I return to England but I will always have memories of my time here, the people who made it so special, and the desire to return...hopefully sooner rather than later.

And thanks everyone for reading my blog and encouraging me to write here. Sorry there were such big gaps, but it's been a lot of fun writing here and getting people's comments.

To my friends in Japan, thank you and if you're ever in England send me an e-mail! Hope to see you all soon! To my friends and family in England, see you sooner ;-)


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Am going to miss your blog - nothing to look at when I have time on my hands. You'll have to write up what you do at uni!! (but you can miss out the inappropriate bits!) hee hee! Love Mx
by Mare

Congratulations on your last blog. Hope to see you here next week - the new JOHN R.P.] Robin and Gpa John
by gpajohn