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School Nightmare back...
School has been really tough for the last two days. Not only is the new term more difficult in general, it might not have helped missing the first two weeks either...

However, it's amazing to see everyone again. I'm actually in the same class as many people I know from last term, which I had thought would be unlikely since they were splitting the classes up as much as possible.

I'm still finding it surreal to be back here for some reason. Not much time to dwell on that with the amount of work I have to catch up on though. Not sure I'll even have time for TGS this weekend, but more about that geekiness later.

I went out for an awesome, though perhaps slightly overpriced, meal with friends today after school, which I pretty much just got back from. So much for getting much work done tonight, it'll need to be an early morning instead... I'll get some photos from people if possible and put them up ^_^

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