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Need a Haircut back...
I'm going to see if I can get a haircut this weekend. So this could be the last picture ever of me with long (kind of) straight hair...

...so maybe you can even forgive the awkward posing, just couldn't help it...

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I agree with your grand-father. You should have had a pukka hair cut whilst you were here in Sunapee. This one is just too ragged... Still love you, though.... Steve
by Steve

You're fast! I was thinking of getting it cut in Sunapee or England, but I was going to go catch up with the person (people) who did it last time. Maybe I'll even pay this time, who knows. Thanks for commenting ^^
by John

You could have got it cut in Sunapee! Glad to know you are settling in again in spite of a few problems. Love Gpa John and Robin
by gpajohn

i really need to fix the 'none right now' comments glitch...among other things.
by John

doesn't even look too bad in that photo. the badness comes when it's covering my eyes for the whole day
by John