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Tokyo Game Show back...
After both Marion and I changing our minds both ways and frankly (but temporarily as it turned out) not being bothered to make the 1 hour journey, we eventually left for the Tokyo Game Show at 2pm.

The show was at Makuhari Messe, closer to Chiba Prefecture than to Tokyo Station. On the way the train stopped at "Disney Station", where most people got off. Disneyland Tokyo (or "toukyou dizunirando"), looked really good. Just have to convince some friends that it could be worth the journey.

After finding the hall (by following the swarm) and buying our tickets we finally got into the show at about 3.30pm.

1 1/2 hours of the show left. In this time we took a look around most of the major booths, but since the queuing time for most games was from 40 to 90 minutes we didn't really have time to play much.

We did queue up with the kids and get a try at the new Naruto game, though, which was a lot of fun, even though I got seriously beaten by Marion...

It was good to see another Gyuakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney) game on display, and unsurprising to see another iteration of Monster Hunter. Also happened to see the NXE and Playstation Home in their current beta versions.

We also saw the Mirror's Edge booth, and that game is starting to look really interesting.

Then it was time for some X-rated (well, 18+) previewage, so we went through the ID check booth to find on the other side that all the games (Biohazard 5, Killzone, and all the other [bloodthirsty name]+[high number] games) had closed their queues, apart from "Way of the Samurai 3", for which we got the last ticket.

So we waited for a while, saw a lot of Cosplay entusiasts walking past, and eventually got into the preview booth. I probably spent more time looking across at the people playing Biohazard 5 than putting effort into Way of the Samurai, although the latter seemed to be shaping up OK for a budgety kind of game that unfortunately likely won't get released outside of the Japan.

Then we took one last look around, caught Sega's closing show which featured some inexplicably psyched American guy singing a song with the usual awful lyrics- "If you fight for what is right, together we can save the world, この歌は日本語から翻訳したよ and so on, accompanied by an embarrassed looking guitarist and a recorded backing track.

Then chicken and tacos for dinner, and back to Shinjuku we came.

While we got there a bit late, and the queues were even longer than expected, it was fun to get out of the usual Tokyo area a little and visit, even for a little while, this show that I used to follow from thousands of miles away. Thanks for putting on a brave face Marion ;)

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