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Denshi Jishou back...
So now I'm studying Japanese long-term there's a few things I have to face up to. I can't continue to ignore Kanji to the extent I've so far managed. It's no longer acceptable to forget the easy vocab, or any vocab I learn in class for that matter.

This means a much greater proportion of my time here will need to be spent studying.

Yesterday, though, I bought something that will hopefully make things a tiny bit less stressful. I decided to buy a Denshi Jishou, or electronic dictionary.

There's a bunch of different brands, but the Casio Ex-Word series seems to have the best dictionary, and a small touchscreen for writing in Kanji as well as the larger screen also being a touchscreen, for, I don't know what exactly. So that's what I went for.

It was pretty pricey, about 29,000yen, but it makes life so much easier when faced with a page full of kanji and kanji compounds that would otherwise be pretty difficult to look up.

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