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My Walk to the Eki 2.5 back...

As in Saginomiya, there's a big construction site next to my apartment :-/ ...but as before there's been no noise so far.

As much of a tourist as I already looked taking photos of the area, I chose not to test anyone's patience too far by taking photos in the whole graveyard traversal section of my journey at the end of this road.

Maybe you can tell from the blurring that I was getting late for school.

At this point I get on the かわい電車 (cute train) until the end of the line at Sangenjaya.

Sangenjaya is a pretty lively place with a really nice atmosphere, and, as you can see, a lot of junk food if you're into that sort of thing. And I am. At Sangenjaya station I board the Den-en-toshi line to Shibuya.

By this point I was later than I had expected and didn't have time to take photos at the other end in Shibuya. I'll try again tomorrow.

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Interesting pictures. A lot of power/phone lines. Missed you when we were in England last weekend. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Robin & John
by gpajohn

oh, it's cute. a photo may very well be the only way to describe.
by John

How cute is the 'cute train'?
by pete (Peter Mapley)