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I ♥ Japan back...
This is the 100th post on j0hn.jp since I started the site on the 20th March 2008. In those days it looked something like this.

In that time, I've posted over 200 photos, written over 20,000 words (average word length 4 letters - yay for my writing skills><) traveled over 20,000 miles, had the adventure of my life and, thanks to you, received almost 100 comments from friends and family here at j0hn.jp.

So here's a few of my favorite memories looking back:

Arriving, getting lost, Meeting Manolo, meeting Marion, and my class, getting intimate with a cockroach, getting weird requests on the street, meeting Masa in Kyoto (video), Tateyama (video), when I got overly-sentimental because I thought it was all over, when I got the opportunity to come back.

That said, for any one post I've made on this blog I've had more amazing times than I can remember hanging out with everyone from school like Cho, So, Kang, Park, Tei, Kay, Bettina, Huang, You, Sam (Rin), Lawrence (Ryo), Yen, Angelica, Stefan and Sis, Erwin, Hector, as well as Marion, Manolo, Masa, and all you other nice people ^_^

And since this is a special occasion (for sad me anyway), here's a photo that I'd forgotten about long ago until today...NamjaTown photo get!


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