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Haircut オッケイ! back...
On Friday night I went for my haircut. I went to the same store as before, which had actually moved to a bigger better location. When I e-mailed the guy from last time, Ryota, he offered me another free haircut if I didn't mind being a ヘアカラーモデル (heyakarah moderu). I considered it, and apart from a free haircut I wanted to help out... but in the end I decided against the hair colouring.

So instead I showed the guy who cut my hair last time, Nose(i), this photo


and asked if it would be possible (at first they somehow thought it was a photo of me). Since my hair was still kind of straight from last time, he suggested to do a "wavy" perm. After thinking for a minute I thought "why not?"

So, here's the before and after:


From the photos you can't see such a huge difference, but there really is. And I can see now!

As last time, the whole thing was also a lot of fun ^^

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BIG improvement!!! As i scrolled down the picture you looked like Pete (Dad)... xxx Mary
by Mare

I think that looks good. Especially the picture with the two guys where you sort of have a parting!
by pete (Peter Mapley)