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j0hn.jp lite is no longer available. Sorry!

This blog was initially designed to be easy on the eye, functional yet simple. The initial design was done in about one hour on a free afternoon.

Since then a lot of extra features and clutter have come into the site. When I redesigned it a couple of months ago I chucked the whole simplicity thing out of the window and maybe the design went a little too flashy.

So, for those who were having problems reading the site, I've created a "lite mode", with larger black text on a white background. You can enable it at the top of the page, or by clicking here. You don't need to be logged in for it to remember your preference for this.

It's not pretty right now but when I have too much free time on my hands I'll make it look a bit nicer.

Oh, and you shouldn't have to log in as often now - the site is finally using cookies ^_^

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Problem Fixed.
by John

Oops, know what the problem is, and I'll get to fixing it tomorrow. In the meantime you can clear your cookies to stop defaulting to lite mode, but bear in mind that'll log you out of this and other sites. Sorry!
by John

I think you're right in what you said when we spoke last night. Once you have changed to the lite version, even if you change back to regular it still defaults to the lite one.
by pete (Peter Mapley)

Debate, this is what we like to see :-)
by John

At last, its a pleasure to read! Gpa John
by gpajohn

Lite is best, you youngsters are all for making things difficult. Would you like a newspaper or book white on black? easier to read? And think of a ll the ink on your fingers! Robin and Gpa John
by gpajohn

have to say I'm glad I'm not an old wrinkly yet - i prefer the regular site also!!! sorry dad!!!
by Mare

I like your new Lite version. Good idea. Personally I prefer the look of the regular site
by pete (Peter Mapley)