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Allergy back...
Well, looks like I'm a big disappointment to a certain parent(父).

Since I came to Japan I've had intermittent rashes on my chest and back, and even a little on my face. It can get kind of depressing at times, and I've been trying to work out why. I eliminated my soap etc, bedsheets, clothes detergent, and to a certain extent the food I'm eating. I realised I didn't drink enough water and drinking more helped a little but not entirely.

So I'm now pretty sure the problem is ...

(sorry Christie)

The reason? It seems to get worse at the weekends, except last weekend when I barely went out, let alone drink. During the week it gets better then I wake up on Saturday/Sunday morning (or afternoon) and it's worse again. I've looked it up on the internet and it doesn't seem to be a particularly uncommon allergy. Thinking back, the rash seems to correlate pretty well with beer drinking, even in small amounts.

Last night we went to karaoke and we all had, you could say, an above average quantity of beer. This morning I have a rash down both my upper arms, my chest and back, my shoulders, and face.

I think it might just be certain kinds of Japanese beer to which I'm allergic, but of course from now on I'm totally quitting, at least until everything clears up. I shouldn't be drinking the stuff here until I'm 20 anyway...>_<

As annoying as it is, I'm actually hoping this is the solution I've been searching for. Anyone else have anything like this?

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Well, St Paul said 'drink wine for thy stomach's sake' Maybe its good for beer rashes too! Gpa John
by gpajohn

by gpajohn

hear hear pete!!!! poor you john - you'll just have to start drinking scotch!
by Mare

A Mapley allergic to alcohol. Don't think that comes from my side of the family!!
by pete (Peter Mapley)