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This guy is gross back...
I know people of many faiths read this blog (just joking, I know no-one reads this rubbish><), but anyone think this guy is not gross? (I'm talking about Ted Haggard, not Richard Dawkins)

You might wanna skip forward to 4:30.

Don't worry, this is the only religion related post I'll ever make here.

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Then this comment is on the video at Youtube:

Even kids understand that their Christmas/birthday gifts did not materialise out of thin air, but were PLACED THERE BY SOMEONE, though they did not see them. We all know that the existence of every Tangible Product can be traced to a Responsible Maker/Agent. (Eg, buildings, cars, ships, roads, computers, crime, whatever). The hypocrisy of atheists is the belief in the above principle, but the blatant denial of the same principle where earth/humans are concerned.
... ...meh
by John