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I went to Kamakura a month ago! back...
I've been slacking off again...ending now.

A few weeks ago, when it was still relatively warm - I guess similar to English summer - I went to Kamakura with two guys from my old class at school, and their new classmates. Although I wasn't paying attention to the names of any of the places we visited, and I didn't have my camera, it was a lot of fun.

We left from Shibuya 10am, early for us afternoon students, and we were in Kamakura by 11.30. After arriving at the train station we went straight to the first temple grounds

We all found it interesting that I was the only one given the English info book with my ticket - the others, all foreigners, got nothing.

My classmates

The grounds we visited were more commercialised than Kyoto, and after the initial entrance fee there was an extra fee for almost every area. That said, the amount of money they receive was reflected in the amazing condition of the grounds and gardens.

Then we headed to a street market

and ate sushi for lunch

before visiting a famous temple (anyone know the name) on a mountain


Then it started to get dark


and we headed back, too tired to do much else.

Great day!

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