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Failure at the JLPT back...
aka 日本語能力試験大失敗

Two weeks ago, most people from my class and me went to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 2.

Requiring the knowledge of most general use grammar as well as 1000 Kanji, just like the ones in the title, and comprising listening, reading, kanji, grammar and vocabulary sections, the JLPT is one of the most widely recognised qualifications for the Japanese Language.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I failed this time. Everyone I have spoken to about it said it was difficult compared to the past tests but, the pass mark stays the same regardless of how many people pass/fail so that doesn't fill me with much hope. Still, I'm thinking of skipping level 2 and going straight for level 1 in the winter. See how badly I can fail that one too, lol

Us on the train on the way home. We may look happy, but it has a more to do with tequila than our feelings about the test...
(image redacted to avoid awkwardness - 2018)

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