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First post back...
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, so here goes my first post, which I'm writing from home in Essex, England. I'll be using this blog to stay in touch with family and a few friends while I'm in Japan.

I'll be in Japan for 3 to 3 1/2 months, learning the language and seeing the sites, and attending a language school in Tokyo. I've wanted to spend time in Japan for a long time now and finally, pretty last minute, everything's starting to happen.

My course starts on the 7th April, so I'm planning on being in Japan for the weekend before. This means I have a couple of weeks now to confirm my accommodation and flights, pass my driving test and clear up my stuff at home. Should be interesting...

On a seperate note, I hope you like my blogging system, adapted from the blogging code at my (work in progress) flash animation/community site, dementrix animations. If you have any probs/feature suggestions, let me know and I'll have a stab at fixing it.

I guess that's all for now, I'll be back closer to my time of departure.

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still testing
by John

by John

seems to work pretty well, now i get notified of new comments on my mobile :-)
by John

by John

and one more time
by John

testing again
by John

this is a test to see if comments are getting mailed to my cellphone correctly
by John

yep! :-)
by John

So you did pass the driving test? Gpa John
by gpajohn