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Driving Test Cancelled back...
So my driving test was supposed to be this morning. Apart from a little nerves, I'd actually got myself pretty psyched up for it. That was, until I turned up at the center with my driving instructor, to be told by the one examiner working there that my examiner was on strike, and I wouldn't be able to take my test.

Apart from the disappointment, my initial thought was "how the - do I pass before I go to Japan now?!". When I got home I tried all the numbers on the apology letter the DSA had given me - all engaged - and looked at the site to find out when I could rebook my test for. May, apparently. THE 15TH OF MAY.

So they fail to tell me my test is cancelled until one minute AFTER it's due to start, hand me some form with no working numbers on it about how they're going to refund me (sort of), and now I can't get a test without dropping by from across the globe for a day? Perfect. Thank you so much DSA.

Meanwhile I'm still looking for accommodation in Tokyo, thanks to Leopalace and Kyouritsu ignoring my e-mails. How can you run a business like that without responding to people's e-mails?

Anyway that's enough for now, I have a feeling I'm not gonna be able to write anything positive right now.

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