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Bugs back...
I'd heard a lot about Japanese insects before I came here. About the Japanese hornets with a wingspan of 3 inches, Japanese red caterpillars (you really must watch this), orb spiders (aka my worst nightmare), but when I got to my room I was happy to find it free of any kind of bug at all. Then I noticed a gnat.

Tonight I came home to this beauty (not actual size), and promptly, and safely, relocated it to the outside of my apartment.


At this rate from a gnat the first night to a beetle the 2nd, I don't want to think about what's going to be here in 3 months...

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i know, right? i saw the video in england first and when i was finding the link to post from here in jp i had to be careful not to see any of it. hoping i never run into one of those, lol
by John

YUK John - the red caterpillar clip is so gross!
by Mare