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Lost all day back...
Today I managed to get by without using a single map other than the train line map.

And by "get by", I mean I made it from my apartment to Shinjuku-ku, and on to Shibuya-ku. What I don't mean is that I found my school. That would be a lie. I was pretty much lost from 1pm to 8pm today, and walked pretty much non-stop.

At first I was trying to find my college but when it became clear that I was completely lost, I just kind of kept walking to see what happened. The result: I walked through most of Shibuya and the surrounding area, except the area of my college.

I did stumble across a huge reserve/shrine, with what seemed like more foreigners than the rest of Tokyo put together.



I eventually asked for directions back to Shibuya station, which was a pretty long walk by this point, and found my way back home.

Oh, I forgot to mention my first meal at a restaurant in this country: McDonalds. I'm kind of embarrased by my lack of sense of adventure, but I was pretty hungry and after spending all day hearing maybe one sentence of English, and seeing about 5 non-Japanese people (not counting the shrine), it felt good to have something at least slightly familiar. I went with the obnoxiously advertised shaka shaka chicken.

That's all for now, I need to sleep early to prepare myself for the ordeal of finding my college tomorrow.

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