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Yesterday back...
Previously on j0hn.jp (that I couldn't post because my internet connection stopped working).

So today was my first day at the Japanese college. I still couldn't find the place so in the end I took a taxi. When I turned up I joined the end of the queue...then another queue...it turns out the registration process happens in 6 different departments with 6 different queues. As confusing as that sounds, everyone was really nice and helpful and it wasn't too daunting. I was glad to hear some other people who could barely speak a word of Japanese.

I got away at about 3pm, and having nothing planned for the rest of the day I decided to try and find a mobile phone I could use for three months. I got turned away by a grumpy guy in one shop as soon as I said "three months", but a little flattery to the next guy "ah, anata-wa aigo-ga yoku hanashimas, ne?" and I was told to go to a Softbank store.

Softbank Shinjuku was out of stock, but rather than be smart and try Shibuya I decided to try my luck at the Akihabara Electric Market.


Which was awesome, and I eventually found the Softbank store, but ran into more complications. What I didn't know is that to buy a prepaid mobile in Japan you need to provide Passport and proof of visa (which I don't have as I'm here as a tourist), or student card and proof of health insurance. Guess I'll be going back in a few days once I get my student card from the college.

It was getting late so I came back to the apartment, and I'm just about to go out and try and find some dinner. And now I can't post this because my internet has just stopped working...so i don't now why i'm still typing...

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