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First day at College back...
Today I had my first Japanese lesson at college. My best intentions of getting up and into Tokyo early soon turned to lazyness (and the leftovers of jetlag) and I ended up leaving about noon.

The journey from apartment to school ended up at about 1hr 5mins, not too bad and that time includes a lot of walking (=exercise). Left me with plenty of time to spare for my 1.30-5pm lesson.

First impressions of the college are good. They use the immersion teaching technique, with anywhere from 0-5 words of English being spoken in the average hour.

After the lesson I suddenly became aware of how incredibly wet my feet felt. I have been using an umbrella, but it's been raining here for over 24 hours now and the cumulative umbrella missage has resulted in..soakage.

So I came back to the apartment, and I'm now just about to go on the lookout for food again, just as soon as I try and get these camera vids working.

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