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Last Night back...
Today and yesterday were fairly uneventful so I'm going to post about last night.

I left my apartment, planning to walk to the convenience store and buy a ready meal, as it was already 9.30pm and I didn't want to get on a train.

Outside I ran into the tenant of the room two across from mine. Turns out he knows an amazing local izakara where the food is great and foreigners are tolerated. He also happens to know everyone there and he's a fluent Japanese speaker. What followed was a pretty surreal night, trying (and failing) to speak communicate in broken Japanese and being told that I look like Dan Aykroyd, and Harry Potter. Oh, and Yagami Light from Death Note.


I dunno about that, but it was a lot of fun, and when we got back at 2am I was glad I skipped the convenience store for the night.

No photos unfortunately, I didn't think I'd need my camera when I left my apartment.

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tbh i'm not so sure i'd be welcome, or even know what/how to order on my own, but i owe this guy for next time, so yes, probably some time next week.
by John

Will you go there again do you think? Tess
by pete (Peter Mapley)

I didn't actually mean to stay out that late. I'm still used to places like that closing at about midnight so it can get a bit confusing when you look at your watch and it says 1.30 am :-P
by John

Well I suppose all work and no play makes John a dull boy! Hope you get to class in time to day.Gpa John
by gpajohn