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Raw Fish back...
I guess I forgot to mention this in my post about last night. Since I arrived I've subconsciously been a bit worried about eating raw fish. Just that I'm a fussy eater and I've never got around to trying it.

Last night I finally gave it a try, and ate some raw tuna and breem, with wasabi and soy sauce, and it was actually really good. People seemed surprised I could eat the breem on my first attempt, but once it's dipped in wasabi and soy sauce there's really only a subtle difference in taste between fish as far as I can tell.

Still not too keen on the idea of eating squid though...

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according to the menus i keep getting in the mail they do. did someone tip them off?
by John

That was brave of you. Do they do pizza? Tess
by pete (Peter Mapley)

I thought you only eat PIZZA. Wjhat a change
by gpajohn