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More rain back...
It's now been raining for almost 72 hours, with a short break in the middle. My shoes are wet again, which is starting to seem like more of a design fault than my crap umbrella usage.

I just watched The Apprentice (UK TV programme) on my laptop, which was good as always. That guy deserved to go but the head chef is an idiot.

Completely unrelated to that (ahem), I just had the first opportunity to test the internet speed in my apartment. It seemed to max out at about 6MB/s, downloading 500MB in about 1.5 mins. :-O

Just like used to happen at home I've been watching TV and left my homework till 9.15pm, guess I'd better get started.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do with my first proper weekend here?

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The head chef is also the 'only gay in the village!' He really looks like him!! haha Hope your having a good time!! xxxxx
by Ellie

Rai and puddles - how about buying a pair of rubber galoshes. When I was travelling to Milan on busines I always took them with me.. Gpa John
by gpajohn

Asked Alan for some ideas and he came up with the following: "The thing that I always enjoyed was a trip down to Mt Fuji. I usually did it by car so it may be a little more difficult for John. It is a truly breathtaking sight. If he wants fun then there is (or was) a great nightclub in Roppongi called "Java Jive". Very very cosmopolitan with all sorts of interesting attractive people, always a good evening. Just found this :- In Roppongi, for instance, there is Java-Jive, which is in a well-known building that houses nearly a dozen separate bars and clubs. Java-Jive is known for live reggae played until well past midnight. It is designed in a sort of Caribbean theme, with yellow and green walls and a bright feel, at least compared to other clubs. A mixed crowd of Japanese and foreigners sways to the lyrical Caribbean strains. Java-Jive charges men $33 and women $25, which includes tickets for two or three drinks, depending on what you order. On Sunday a nice thing to do is to go to a place called Omotesando, Tokyo's most fashionable shopping street. There are lots of coffee bars and interesting shops. It a bit like Tokyo's version of Paris's Champs Elyse." Hope this gives you some ideas...
by Mare