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My neighbour made an awesome discovery on Monday. Just 20 minutes' walk from our apartment block is the most amazing shopping/eating/drinking/walking place (my English vocab is really starting to slip) I've seen in Tokyo.

There's shopping malls that go on for what seems like miles, old-Japan style pedestrianised streets that look impressively authentic apart from some modern signage, as well as a little jazz club, a few cafes, and a fairly large videogame arcade.

I didn't have my camera when I went there last night, so I'll put some photos up as soon as I get some.

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awesome, ‚Ђ炪‚È (hiragana) really do work!
by John

You mean ‚Ë‚¶‚ß (nejime)? It was closed by the time we got there, but it looks like a quirky kind of place.
by John

What was the shop owned by the famous author like?
by pete (Peter Mapley)