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Mobile Phone back...
Tomorrow my neighbour's going to try and help me buy a mobile phone.

I've had a lot of difficulty getting my hands on one here. A bunch of new laws have been introduced in the past few years as an anti-terrorism measure. First they needed a student card and proof of health insurance. When I eventually got my student card, and they were just about to sell me the phone, they got around to informing me that as an 18 year old I'm not old enough to enter a legally binding contract in Japan. By the way, anyone who wants to explain to me exactly why a prepaid (pay-as-you-go) phone requires a contract of any kind, is welcome to try their best.

So apparently I can buy one if accompanied by anyone over 20. I'll believe it when I see it.

Still, I'm hopeful about it. I feel kind of out of place without a cellphone in the world's most prolific city for cellphone usage. More importantly it's getting kind of difficult to keep in touch with people I know in Tokyo without a mobile - or a phone of any kind, come to think of it.

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