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Mobular back...
I love my new cellphone. I finally managed to get one thanks to the kindness of my neighbour, who came all the way to Shibuya to be my over-20 person. Thanks M!

I'm set up with a unlimited e-mail plan that costs about 300yen (about ’1.50) a month and lets me send and receive e-mails from any regular address. So I can chat with people in the UK for no extra cost :-)

In fact, starting now (if my code is working), all comments made on this blog are instantly e-mailed to my mobile.

It also has a handy camera and ‚É‚Ù‚ñ‚²‚Ì‚¶‚Á‚µ‚傤 (Japanese dictionary (not sure about the spelling there)). Means there'll be more photos on this blog, as I can still take them when I forget to bring the camera out. It makes an insanely loud sound when it takes a photo, which can't be disabled even in silent mode- apparently to comply with Japanese law...

And it has a "polite mode". Awesome.

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That's right, yeah. Not just Japanese law though actually. Apparently it's the same in a lot of countries now.
by John

Cool. The "polite " mode amuses me. What up with the Japenese law compiance thing? So people know if you're taking a picture that may include them in some way? What a strange place. Ttyl
by Reacher (Matt)