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I'll be back back...
I was planning on starting blogging again tonight. I knew I was going to be in and since there's no school tomorrow I'd have plenty of spare time.

Then something bad happened. This morning I put on my coat and shoes, and left the apartment for school. I spent maybe 10 seconds locking the door and another 20 seconds walking down the road when I felt something hard in the end of my left shoe.

Anyone who knows me won't need me to tell you that at this point I was borderline late for school, so I thought I'd leave it until I was on the train. Then I felt it move. This kind of set off alarmbells in my mind. With the Japanese Red Centipede engrained in my memory I kicked off the shoes very, very quickly. Just as the shoe hit the floor, a cockroach, I guess 3-5cm long, fell out on to the pavement. I stood in shock for a couple of seconds, and it escaped down a drain in the street.

It was pretty bad, something I'd prefer not to happen again, but the worst part is that the cockroach got into my apartment in the first place, the only way it could have found its way into my shoe.

So tonight I'm going to go to the conbini, buy cockroach spray, then come home and go hunting. I also need to search for and cover any holes/drains/vents that go directly to the outside, or the drainage system.

Then, I'll get this blog updated...Until then-

EDIT: I guess it's worth noting that my apartment is clean, food sealed away, I haven't even used the kitchen yet, and my neighbour also had a cockroach in her room 2 weeks ago. I don't think it's my fault :-(

EDIT 2: Just for the record I don't think it's my neighbour's fault either...oh dear.

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Easier to spot than Japanese beetles. Do they have Japanese beetles in Japan? Have you seen them here in Sunapee?
by gpajohn

it was not a fun time...
by John

OMG!! Oh well, at least it was 'only' a cockroach!!
by pete (Peter Mapley)