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Sumo back...
So yesterday I went with some people from college to watch a free Sumo wrestling rehearsal, at the official Sumo 'arena' in Ryogoku Kokugikan. It was really interesting to watch, and they even allowed photos. As usual, I forgot my camera, so this not-so-good photo is from my phone. (EDIT: OK, that photo is even worse than I realised. I'll see if I can get one from someone there who had a good camera with them) There were even a couple of gaijin wrestlers, although as far as I could see they lost all their fights, and some of the native wrestlers made them look like members of weight-watchers.

Then we went to Ginza, probably the most expensive place in the world in terms of cost per sq. foot. And that translates to the prices of all the cafes and shops exactly how you would expect. Although it was still cheaper than London...but I guess that goes without saying.


We looked at a flower festival there, although there's something kind of disturbing about seeing something like that consisting entirely of disembodied, therefore dead, petals. The theme this year is Olympics.


We also stopped by the Sony building, where all the latest Sony technology is on display. Can anyone find me a video of the dancing speakers I saw, dancing to Living La Vida Loca? They're speakers...and they dance...it's worth seeing.

We were kind of tired at point, so stopped for a (900yen!) drink in Hibiya Park (I'm not sure if that's the correct name).

By this point most of the group had gone home, but a few of us decided to go to Roppongi, the gaijin capital of Tokyo, maybe of Japan, to find some dinner. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant. At least, those were the words on the door. What we found inside was one table, and a 10 page menu, with half of one page devoted to mexican food. The rest of the small basement room was devoted to two large darts machines. Still, the atmosphere was nice and the food was good, so it was a great finish to a great day.

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Yes Mare youare right
by gpajohn

a bit like the Festival of the Flowers in Jersey? Dad??
by Mare

What did you have at the Mexican restaurant? Tess
by pete (Peter Mapley)