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Blog updates and my walk to the eki back...
So I was waiting for the new episode of The Apprentice, and decided to make the modifications I wanted to the blog. After 20 minutes of hasty, makeshift and incredibly bad coding, I can now post up to 10 images per post.

I also made a few changes that are going to make it a lot easier for me to layout and edit posts without worrying about html.

So to celebrate, here's some photos I took this morning on my walk to the station. They show various stuff along the 20 minute route I've walked both ways every single day since I arrived in Japan.


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I mean, technically speaking none of them are inside my apartment...
by John

The 1st one is a pic of the outside of the apt. block, is that what you meant?
by John

Are any of these the outside of your apartment? Be interested to see.Dad
by pete (Peter Mapley)