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Another Unwelcome Visitor back...
So tonight I was minding my own business watching Hell's Kitchen when I saw a pretty large cockroach run across the floor of my apartment. It ran and hid behind my suitcase which was leaning against the wall.

After a few seconds of really not knowing what to do, I quietly crept to my front door, and searched for the cockroach spray which we normally keep just outside. It wasn't there.

I went back into my apartment and found the largest trap I could - a little plastic kitchen soap holder thing, and grabbed it. I gently pulled my suitcase away from the wall...no cockroach - maybe I imagined it. Then it suddenly scurried across the floor right next to me, trying to hide in my shoulder bag. I tipped it out and before it could hide anywhere else I slammed the trap down over it, just catching its 'antlers'(?) and the tip of its head under the edge. I could hear it fighting to get out from underneath, so I put the nearest heavy thing I could find on top.

Luckily my neighbour was awake. I contacted her on MSN and she brought the spray to finish it off. Then she told me why the spray wasn't in its normal place - she had TWO cockroaches in her room. Tonight.

Now the guys at Suckura House said its normal to see one a year in a clean apartment. Both our apartments are clean, and we've seen 5 in 3 weeks, 3 of them on the same night. That would make for, what, 80 a year? I think we may have a problem.

Some people may think it's stupid to worry so much over cockroaches, but having been in very close contact with a couple of them, I know it's an experience I don't enjoy very much. They're also pretty dirty, and if left untreated a cockroach infestation can get very nasty very quickly...and take months to recover.

So we both think it's time that Suckura House (I'm using this name mainly so my blog doesn't appear in a search for their real name, out of kindess to them - and a desire to not get evicted) sent in some professional help. If we've seen 3 in one night, I think it's safe to assume there's a pretty decent number in our rooms at this very moment that we can't see...and there's a lot of places to hide.

Tomorrow we will go and see Suckura House at the office, rather than sending an e-mail, and ask if we need to be worried yet, now that we're getting 80 times the RDA of cockroaches.

I'll post a photo of tonight's cockroach tomorrow, when I get the courage to lift up the trap...if it's still there in the morning, that is :-P

EDIT: In the meantime here's a pic of the cockroach in its current state...


I guess tomorrow I have to go back to checking my shoes before I put them on...although it's kind of a tough call whether I'd rather take it out of my apartment in my shoe or have it fall out into my apartment, on to me, as I shake the shoe (._. )

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