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E-mail from suckura house back...
For the sake of completeness, the e-mail I received after the shoe incident:

Dear John san

Thank you very much for staying at Suckura House.

As we told your neighbor, in room 103, if cockroach is big size such as one you found, it is quite usual for us in Japan. ( for example, in my case, I find cockroach in my house at least one time a year even if I always tidy up my house. ) It comes from the outside through gaps in the house.

If you find small size of cockroach, it will be necessary to have a special extermination, because it must live in the house.

If you keep your room clean and dispose your garbage regularly, it must be fine.

In case you have the complicated situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

[name removed]

Suckura House Co., LTD.

For the record, my room is clean, I don't keep any food here anymore, and I take out my garbage whenever possible (there's very strict rules here about which type of garbage on which day).

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That's true but you should see the size of these cockroaches...actually you will, tomorrow.
by John

At least still no giant centipedes! Hope you manage to get the cockroach problem sorted out soon.Dad
by pete (Peter Mapley)