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I know I am. Last night my neighbour saw a small cockroach in her room. Tonight she saw a large one near her bed.

This brings us to a grand total of 8 in 5 weeks - meaning at this rate we would have about 83 a year. However, that's not how cockroaches work at all. If you look at the increase in frequency, from a 4 week gap to a 1 week gap to a 1 day gap to a 18 hour gap, I think the urgency of the situation becomes pretty apparent.

So we bought cockroach motels. A lot of them. They're pretty cute actually, and come with cockroach bait which you stick to the center of a large (incredibly) sticky mat. The cardboard forms ramps which make it hard to get out.

The cockroach motel. Cockroaches check in, but they don't check out...I hope.

She's also e-mailing suckura house again and I'll be paying them a visit tomorrow morning, or afternoon if I wake up late. Which is likely. The two last nights I've got about 3-4 hours sleep each, and it's really starting to catch up on me.

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by Mare

Have you had any cockroaches check into your motels yet?
by pete (Peter Mapley)