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You're joking, right? back...
So today I met up with my ex-neighbour and honorary big-bro Manolo in Shibuya (I know I haven't mentioned his name before, but I mentioned my blog today and he didn't seem to mind being included).

As we were walking near the Hachiko statue, one of the busiest parts of Shibuya, a guy came up behind me and started talking to me. I assumed he was advertising a restaurant or something, and tried to ignore him, but eventually we stopped and listened to what he had to say.

Apparently he is the understudy of a certain stylist who works for a company called Femme. Femme do photoshoots mainly for fashion magazines, and stuff like that. Generally pretty respectable stuff, and a well established company.

He said my face would be good for one of their photoshoots, and asked if I was interested. Manolo didn't bother to translate my answer of "you're joking, right?". Something like this is so far away from anything I would expect walking down the street, that I didn't know what else to say.

Having no real intention of going through with anything like that, but at the same time being really pretty bemused by the whole thing, I gave him my first name and (secondary) e-mail address. He also took a photo of my face, which I was a little less comfortable with but it's pretty much public domain nowadays anyway what with this website and facebook, etc.

He gave me his company's card, and said to call him if I'm interested. Being slightly suspicious of the whole thing, and never having really considered anything like this, I'm unlikely to do so.

I wasn't really sure what to make of it, but it kind of slipped my mind as the night went on. Until the same thing happened again, in almost the same place, with a different guy. I was kind of in a hurry to catch a train so I had to decline, but seriously, what's going on?

It puts me in kind of a dilemma. Back in England for several years I was...I guess you could say a less than outgoing person. I would never go for a night out unless invited somewhere by a friend, and a couple of times (years ago I might add) I even ended up turning down some of these invites, even just for a night in.

I vowed to myself that this would change when I came to Japan. I decided I would become a "yes" man, accepting every invite and getting to know as many people and places as possible. And I have. From the first time Manolo invited me to the local Izakaya to the bbq, to trying all the new food, and even just the extrovert act of having a blog like this in the first place, etc etc etc etc.

So in a way, I should also say yes to this. But I'm thinking no. Thoughts? (apart from 'lol')

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LOL can also be LOTS OF LOVE
by gpajohn

lol = laugh out loud
rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
lmao = laughing my ass off
roflmao = well, you get the picture
by John

I say go for it!! Take a friend just in case it's dodgy... :) x By the way what does ROTFLMAO mean????!
by Mare

Instead of "lol", can I say ROTFLMAO?
by Reacher (Matt)

You are doing very well! I say go for it! Gpa John PS Thanks for the temp and time data
by gpajohn