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We're getting somewhere back...
1 hour ago I received this e-mail:

Dear all the tenants of [name removed] apartment.

We have got some notice from your apartment tenants about "Cockroaches".

So we would like to arrange the date and time to get rid of it.

Please let us know your convinient date or please give us a permission to goin your room without you.

Thanks for your time.

[name removed]

Suckura House

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Yes please do some more blog
by gpajohn

Please do some more Blog. We're missing it!
by pete (Peter Mapley)

Do the cockroach motels work? Tess
by pete (Peter Mapley)

English, luckily.
by John

It's called ' the squeaky wheel gets ther grease'!Was it in English or Japanese? Gpa John
by gpajohn