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Half Way back...
So 2 days ago was my "middle day" in Japan. Maybe there's a better way of putting that in English that I've forgotten.

But it made me feel a little unhappy to know I'm now closer to leaving than from arriving. I miss my family and friends in England so much. And they will always be the most important part of my life. But they are everything I miss about England.

I'm slowly starting to understand and speak Japanese. I can have a basic conversation with someone speaking friendly Japanese. I'm just lost when I go into a restaurant (even fast food) and I get hit with the really polite stuff. Or if I'm at the bar (there's some photos on flickr) or somewhere like that and someone starts using really informal language.

I can read and write hiragana and katakana, although I sometimes forget the less common katakana when writing. Kanji are kind of difficult, and though I've learnt quite a few now, I've forgotten most along the way, something which is very frustrating when you're trying to read something in which 1/2 the characters are kanji.

Yesterday a good friend got some bad news, something we've been trying to get around for weeks, which is now pretty inevitable. But I think he'll be fine in the end and if he ever wants to return here I really think he'll do okay.

Oo, kind of a depressing post, lol. I assure you I'm not depressed. I'm still having a great time, just in a slightly strange mood.

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