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Still in Japan back...
So it's looking like I may be staying in Japan for another couple of months, taking another term at Japanese school, and coming back to the UK in September. It's not certain yet, but in the next week I'll be trying to get stuff arranged.

The main reason for my decision is that this may be my only chance for a long time to stay in Japan for this length of time, and I feel I could benefit, both in recreational and educational terms, from another 2 months here.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little homesick. I miss my family and friends back in England. Mark, I'm sorry but if I stay here longer I won't be able to make your birthday thing. I'll also be spending my own 19th birthday in Japan.

So if I'm going to stay, I'll need to extend my visa and school, and find a new apartment, now that someone else has booked the (allegedly) cockroach "non-free" Sakura House Saginomiya apartment I'm staying in right now...oops.

I'll also be redesigning j0hn.jp and updating more often...really.

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What a fabulous opportunity - hope you can work it all out - sounds like you have a lot to sort!!, but I bet Pete and Tess will be sad :( Lol Mxx
by Mare

Robin and I both said at the same time "WOW Good for him! Enjoy it while you can! Love R&J
by gpajohn