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Automatic Thievery Machine back...
So I went to the ATM yesterday to withdraw 40,000JPY. This is quite a lot, but since there's a big charge for each withdrawal it's worth making a few big withdrawals rather than regular small ones.

I later realised that, unless I somehow lost a 10,000 yen note at some point (which is pretty unlikely as they were folded together in my wallet) the machine had only given me 3 10,000 yen notes. Which != 40,000... (-_-#)

Guess it's my fault for not counting it straight away, but still...ultimate annoyance/disappointment.

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That's a right pain in the ass! Sneaky Jap types. You should update more often, that way, more advice and such can be sent your way. lol See you when you get back. Will is really confused about the extension to the stay though. He thinks you might be doing some sort of underhand deal thing for money...
by Reacher (Matt)

Peter's comment is a good one. Try the bank for a pay out. That's worth doing. We had a super time on our baltic/russia cruise but tired now we are home! Robin is working with a personal trainer and has lost a lot of weight. I was 10 lbs down but put most of it back on the cruise. Working at it again. What is Japaneses food doing to your weight or are you grtavitating to McDs. Have you made a stay-nostay decision yet? Love R&J
by gpajohn

Pete says it happened to him once so he contacted the bank telling them he thought the ATM underpaid him and they checked the machine and gave him the money. They keep close checks on the notes in the machine so know how much should be there.They can tell if there's too much left and so this supports your claim.
by pete (Peter Mapley)

Never mind, worse things happen at sea. Tess
by pete (Peter Mapley)